Build the Most Optimal Portfolio of Cryptocurrencies

Clastyr constructs a portfolio of cryptocurrencies that maximizes returns
while keeping risks at an acceptable level.
Clastyr helps construct cryptocurrency portfolios with the most optimal risk/return balance

How It Works
1. Data Collection

Clastyr constantly collects data on historical quotations for the coins and tokens of your choice and determines assets that are typically not correlated with each other.

2. Analysis and Estimation

After that, Clastyr builds hundreds of thousands of possible combinations of the chosen coins and back-tests them to find the best balance between risk and return.
As a final step, Clastyr provides information on the most optimal proportion of different crypto assets in your portfolio to ensure the best balance of potential profits and losses.
3. Portfolio Construction
3. Portfolio Construction

As a final step, Clastyr provides information on the most optimal proportion of different crypto assets in your portfolio to ensure the best balance of potential profits and losses.

Why Clastyr
Clastyr frees you up from a necessity to monitor cryptocurrency markets and rates. All you need is to follow the information Clastyr gives you once a month.

We know that all this crypto stuff may sound very complicated. That is why Clastyr is built in a way that doesn't need any special knowledge on your side.
Optimal Return/Risk
The biggest challenge for those who are entering the crypto market is to find the right balance between highest possible returns and lowest possible risks. Clastyr does exactly that.
Magic Science Behind Clastyr
The cryptocurrency market might be highly profitable, but at the same time, it is a highly risky environment. Many investors want to cherry-pick high ROI and mitigate risks as much as possible. Although cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept, the knowledge accumulated in the finance sector for traditional asset management can lend a hand in the new area, as well. We introduce a new approach to cryptocurrencies, which has its roots in the Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory.

This theory and the math behind it are widely used in traditional finance and investment spheres. We have customized the math to serve the brave new crypto world.

The most beautiful part about Clastyr is that you don't really need to understand this. After all, this is some Nobel-prize stuff. Clastyr will do all the dirty work, you just need to take into account the information it provides, which is truly easy.
Tell me more about the science
Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is an investment theory based on the idea that risk-averse investors can construct portfolios to optimize or maximize expected returns based on a given level of market risk, emphasizing that risk is an inherent part of higher reward.

MPT suggests that it is possible to construct an "efficient frontier" of optimal portfolios, offering the maximum possible expected return for a given level of risk. It suggests that it is not enough to look at the expected risk and return of one particular stock. By investing in more than one stock, an investor can reap the benefits of diversification, particularly a reduction in the riskiness of the portfolio. MPT quantifies the benefits of diversification, also known as not putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Consider a portfolio that holds two risky stocks: one that pays off when it rains and another that pays off when it doesn't rain. A portfolio that contains both assets will always pay off, regardless of whether it rains or shines. Adding one risky asset to another can reduce the overall risk of an all-weather portfolio.

In other words, investment is not just about picking stocks, but about choosing the right combination of stocks.

Clastyr reduces portfolio risk by selecting and balancing assets based on statistical techniques that quantify the amount of diversification by calculating expected returns, standard deviations of individual securities to assess their risk, and the actual coefficients of correlation between assets, allowing for a better choice of cryptocurrencies that have negative or no correlation with other assets in the portfolio. Since cryptocurrencies are quite volatile and have low trading fees, we recommend doing portfolio rebalancing at least every 3-4 weeks. That will ensure that you are always invested in a portfolio that maximises your returns.

Results of Clastyr Work
Above, you can see the diagram that illustrates the performance of two portfolios: the first is built using Clastyr ("MPT") and the second one consists of Bitcoin only ("BTC").

Performance is analysed against the metric called the "Sharpe ratio". That's the name of the base metric in the Modern Portfolio Theory. It illustrates the overall performance of the portfolio according to the return-on-investment and risk balance.

A higher Sharpe ratio means a more optimal portfolio, or, in other words, a better balance of profits and risks.

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      Why do I need it?
      Investing in cryptocurrencies could be a huge risk because of the high volatility of the crypto market. Thus, a rational investor who takes into account not only the possible profits, but also the risks of losses, should diversify his or her crypto portfolio.

      Clastyr gives information how the crypto portfolio could have been structured to provide the best balance of profits and risks.
      How does it work?
      Mathematical algorithms that lay the foundation of Clastyr are based on Modern Portfolio Theory, which is one of the most important and influential economic theories dealing with finance and investment. We have developed the algorithms that apply the math behind this theory to the cryptocurrencies market.

      Collecting the full history of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, we are able to automatically determine assets that are typically not correlated with each other. It means that having them in a portfolio minimizes risks. What's more, we back-test possible mixes of the assets to track returns of investment for each of them. By balancing these two pieces of information, we find the best portfolio that would maximize profits and minimize risks based on the historical data.
      How do you calculate the optimal proportions of different coins/tokens in my portfolio?
      Clastyr applies mathematical algorithms to your current or desired crypto portfolio (basically a list of the coins/tokens in it) to restructure it and find the most optimal proportion of different crypto assets for the most optimal balance of potential profits and losses.
      What is "the most optimal portfolio"?
      The most optimal portfolio is the portfolio of assets with the best combination of potential profits and risks.
      Do you guarantee a certain level of ROI/profits?
      Highest possible ROI or profits always come along with the highest risks. Clastyr does not do that. We provide information how your crypto portfolio could have been structured to find the best combination of potential profits and risks basing on the historical data. You can use this information to restructure your portfolio at your own risk.
      What are the risks? Do you guarantee that your approach will ensure performance of my portfolio?
      You should always remember that the crypto market is a very volatile and risky environment. We do not encourage you to invest in crypto, but rather, we provide information to those who have already invested or taken a decision to invest. We base this information on the historical data using an assumption that previous behaviour of the crypto assets will somehow be reflected in the future.

      Nevertheless, lots of the events that have never happened in the past also influence the market, e.g. governmental regulations. We cannot predict this and for sure we cannot predict the future behaviour of the crypto market. We also do not provide any forecasts. Clastyr just provides you with the information what proportion of the crypto assets in your portfolio was the most optimal one in the past. If you believe that in the future, these assets will behave somewhat similarly, you might want to restructure your portfolio based on this information.

      Please be aware that we neither guarantee anything nor give any investment advice.
      Isn't it more profitable and safe to keep everything in Bitcoin?
      Sometimes it is, but keeping everything in one asset also means the highest possible risk. Remember the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket?

      Also, you can compare historical performance of two crypto portfolios above: one which is periodically rebalanced using Clastyr, and the second which consists of Bitcoin only.
      How to start using Clastyr?
      It's easy as 1-2-3. Sign up, choose the coins that make up your current portfolio or the coins you want to buy to make up a new portfolio, and click "Analyse".
      Is it possible to buy coins using Clastyr?
      Clastyr is not a crypto exchange — you can use the exchange of your choice to buy the coins.
      Do I need to give access to my accounts at exchanges or to my crypto wallets?
      ABSOLUTELY NOT! We do not need any data from your accounts. We collect the data (and we need only historical rates) from open sources.
      Do you collect or keep any data about my crypto assets?
      AGAIN, ABSOLUTELY NOT! We don't need (and honestly don't want) to know anything about the amount of coins you hold. We need a list of the coins only and provide the information on the best proportion of the coins. You can calculate how many coins you need to sell or buy on your own.
      Do you provide investment advice?
      No. We don't provide investment advice and under no circumstances can information provided by Clastyr be considered as investment advice. We only provide information on historical performance, which you can use or not use on your own discretion and at your own risk.
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